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Subscription Concert

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KBSSO The 729th Subscription Concert

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  • Data2018/ 04/ 27 : 20(Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall)
  • Tick Price R 70,000Won | S 50,000Won | A 40,000Won | B 30,000Won | C 20,000Won

KBS Symphony orchestra regrets to inform you that Maestro Tadaaki Otaka is not able to perform for the upcoming concert(KBSSO 729th Subscription Concert) due to his unavoidable circumstances.
Please note that Arie Lipsky, the cheif conductor of Ann Arbour Symphony Orchestra, will be on stage in replacement of Maestro Otaka. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

KBS Symphony Orchestra 729th Subscription Concert

Date and Venue

- Friday, April 27, 2018, 8pm / Seoul Arts Center


Arie Lipsky(Con), Tine Thing Helseth(Tp)


모차르트 / 교향곡 제32번 G장조, 작품 318
W. A. Mozart / Symphony No.32 in G Major, K.318

하이든 /프럼펫 협주곡 e플랫장조
F. J. Haydn / Trumpet concerto in E flat Major hob viie : 1

흠멜 / 트럼펫 협주곡
Hummel / Trumpet concerto

멘델스존 / 교향곡 제3번 ‘스코틀랜드’
Mendelssohn / Symphony No. 3. ‘Scottish’