Message from the CEO

KBS교향악단은 국민의 오케스트라라는 책임 의식을 가지고 음악을 통해 문화적 감동을 여러분과 함께 공유하고 정서적 윤택함을 즐길 수 있도록 함을 최우선의 가치로 삼고 있습니다.
It is my great pleasure and honor to communicate with all of you through music.

Classical music has everlasting value that has been empathized by the humanity over centuries. It makes our lives richer and has power to leave long-lasting impressions in our hearts.

Standing by the people, KBS Symphony Orchestra, the former national orchestra, has been rooting classical music in Korea for the past 65 years by providing high quality performance and diverse repertoire to the audience in various historical sites while encountering touching moments and difficult times. We have become one of the most prestigious orchestras in Korea as we settled ourselves as a professional artistic organization since our separation from the KBS in 2012.

Being the creator of classical music, a global lingua franca, KBS Symphony has its utmost necessity in overcoming COVID-19. Our slogan for the 2021 season, which says, "KBS Symphony produces vaccines that heals the emotions of people," expresses the role and responsibility of KBS Symphony Orchestra well.

KBS Symphony Orchestra will always be with you, so that more people can become closer with the music, and even further, so that art can be part of our lives. We will continue to endeavor for the constant development of Korea's classical music industry.

KBS Symphony Orchestra, 'people's orchestra,' will always be your company by seeking happiness and relaxation in your everyday lives with you.
We would be grateful for your continuous love and support. Thank you.
KIM, Deock Jae
CEO of KBS Symphony Orchestra