Message from the CEO

KBS교향악단은 국민의 오케스트라라는 책임 의식을 가지고 음악을 통해 문화적 감동을 여러분과 함께 공유하고 정서적 윤택함을 즐길 수 있도록 함을 최우선의 가치로 삼고 있습니다.
Message from the CEO
The KBS Symphony Orchestra has its responsibility as one of the most representing orchestra of the nation,is putting highest priority on sharing cultural impressions and enriching lives through music.

As Korea's representative orchestra, we have successfully performed the 50th anniversary concert conducted to celebrate the foundation of the UN and independence of Korea, the concert as a peace mission for the Korean Peninsula in 2000, the collaboration concert with the North Korean Symphony Orchestra in 2002, and the 65th anniversary concert held in honor of the foundation of the UN in 2010.

We have regularly performed subscription concerts for the past 60 years and have now exceeded 700 times. Also, we have continuously performed 'Visiting Concerts' for the underprivileged who are unable to access the classics as a part of our social contribution project since the beginning of our incorporated foundation in September 2012.

In addition to this, we are making efforts to expand the base of classical music through various concerts such as special concerts, children's concerts, corporate concerts, etc.The KBS Symphony Orchestra is not satisfied with what we have achieved so far that has supported the Korean classical music industry, and is preparing to become a world-class orchestra through constant transformation and innovation.

We are preparing to stabilize the organization internally in keeping with the fast-changing economy and cultural environment, and at the same time to create a system that strengthens independence in accordance with the purpose of the independent foundation.

We are more than grateful for the music lovers who loved KBS Symphony Orchestra for a long time. We will continue to make efforts to meet the expectations and raise the brand value of the KBS Symphony Orchestra. Thank you.
President & CEO, KBS Symphony Orchestra Kim, Deock Jae